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Do you wish to enjoy a great hobby and at the same time earn some money? Don't you wish to have such a hobby and to earn from it and at the same time "others", in this case bees, do the job for you? If you're interested in becoming a beekeeper then on these pages we will try to give you some information about this exciting vocation!
Even if you don't have any experience it is still possible to start, but you need something to begin with. For example, one of those things is a bee house which is called a hive, and also you need protective clothing and of course you need good and exact information and just after that you may go searching and buying your first colony of bees, a nucleus.
Now it depends on your personal preferences whether you wish to go commercial immediately or you may wish to learn beekeeping easily on your own. Both ways are good but you need to know what you can do and what is needed to accomplish that. Informing yourself is your best insurance against mistakes. That's true for everything we do and it's the same for beekeeping.
Bees can be pollinators, honey makers, income making little creatures. With proper equipment working with them can be great joy, too. The best way to learn beekeeping is of course with some of the more experienced beekeepers, but a lot can be learned through books and reading yourself. In order to find some beekeepers in your area it is best to go to local beekeepers association. Beekeeping needs calmness, gentleness and understanding. If you're just starting beekeeping as a beginner then as everybody else in that position you surely have a ton of questions like:
- How do I start beekeeping,
- What exactly do I need,
and so on.

Above all else beekeeping is certainly a great hobby and a passion for many. I always have in my mind words many people said about any economic crisis and that was the simple fact that in such times people who produce their own food or have piece of land, even a small one are the ones to go through the hard times easier and beekeeping fits there perfectly because even if you don't have land you can still do it in your backyard or you can even have bees in a trailer and move them to a pasture around the area where you live. Money is important, there is no doubt that money is one of the most important things to have and you can sell honey, that's not something new, but think about it this way: Honey can stay stored for many years and still be good to eat which may not be the case for many other foods. So it also means you can still sell it! No losses! Have you read about honey and how nutritious it is? Considering Minerals and Vitamins it has them in abundance and in their natural state i mean not manufactured but collected. Even though honey is mostly sugar, by some people this sugar is thought to be better than the one bought in shops. So even if not sold you can eat it!

To inform yourself about beekeeping you need comprehensive book which shows you all aspects and I think that Beekeeping 101 has covered all the important key areas so even a beginner or a complete novice can get the information they need to get started and enjoy beekeeping!

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Honey Extraction Methods and
The Nutritional Benefits of Honey as a free bonus!

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